Scarborough Area Info

Scarborough lies on the Cape Peninsula and is the southernmost hamlet on the Atlantic Coast.  Its boundary borders the Cape Point Nature Reserve and the area is renowned for being dedicated to conservation.  Many of its other perimeters are also private nature reserves and those who buy property in this part of Cape Town are committed to reversing past environmental damage and protecting the natural landscape from future environmental impacts.


Apart from the natural beauty of the indigenous fauna found here, the villages of Scarborough and Misty Cliffs are also known to have a significant presence of wildlife, with baboons very much in evidence, as well as a number of guinea fowl, porcupines, small buck and a variety of bird species.  The adjacent reserves also offer an abundance of both flora and fauna.  The properties for sale in Scarborough attract nature lovers from all over the Cape, many of them active in the environmental sciences and who wish to settle in a natural environment rich in animal and plant life.




In terms of Cape Town property investment potential, there is a population of just 2000 full time residents and there are approximately 800 plots, of which 65% have already been built up and developed.  The fact that land is so limited has pushed the prices of property up and this means that your property is always appreciating in value.


There are two major segments to the village, with plots for sale in the area below the Main Road and close to the ocean, or further up the slope.  The topography determines the potential view, as well as the price of the land, which ranges from about R200 000 for plots below the Main Road to R300 000 for the upper section.




When you buy vacant land, the cost of building depends on a number of things, including the position, size of the plot, quality of materials and level of finishes.  It’s obviously more expensive to develop on a site that slopes, with current prices ranging between R5500 and R7500 per sq. metre.  There is a voluntary body of architects, surveyors and builders that acts as an aesthetics committee to ensure that future development does not destroy the natural and built environment.




If you are interested in existing houses and homes for sale, there is a varied and eclectic mix of property to buy in the Scarborough area.  These range from small bungalows to pre-fabricated beach cottages and the more upmarket luxury structures.  The prices vary from R1 500 000 to R4 000 000 and this coastal enclave is highly regarded as a prime property investment option, offering exceptional value for money and an unbelievable coastal lifestyle.  There is also a low crime rate due to the presence of a communal security service that all residents subscribe to.